Tuesday, January 31, 2012

 One thing that I really wanted to try doing was to make some jewelry sets. The sets could either consist of earrings and a necklace, - earrings, a necklace and a bracelet, or earrings and a bracelet. So far I have mostly ended up making earrings and not too much else. Last night, however, I decided to use some of the glass pendants I have bought, attach clasps and a chain to them and then make matching earrings. I have purchased the pendants in several colors, so I set out to make matching sets of all the differnt colors I have. I managed to do so for 4 of the 5 colors, and I am pretty pleased with the result:-)

 Every set is made with a bevel-edged drop with a silver plated clasp and on a silver plated chain measuring 40cm (16 inches). Each pair of earrings is made with swarovski 8mm rondelle beads, white swarovski rugby beads, swarovski butterflies (6mm), crystal clear rondelle swarowski beads 4mm and bicone swarovski beads 4mm. (This goes for all the sets except the one in brown/copper tones which is made with swarovski 6mm instead of 8mm and a swarovski helix instead of a bicone.)

 Here they are:





As I was making these sets I wanted to make another necklace using some glasshearts that I really like and at the same time incorporate some millefiori glass hearts that I had left. My experience is that the bigger glasshearts weigh quite a bit and in my taste they are not too comfortable as earrings, so I decided to use millefiori glass hearts for the earrings.

Blue  glassheart mix necklace

I have these bigger hearts (about 2cm wide) in several colors as well, and I have made a few other sets and items with them in the past, some I have shown here before some I have not:

Green with brown stripes

White with matching red and crystal earrings.

A different green with two sets of earrings.

White with green stripes and matching earrings.

As I said, I find these hearts a bit on the heavy (about 6grams) side for my ears, but luckily every earlobe is different:-)

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